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Meeting someone offline for the first time after having got to know them through an online dating site is never easy. Most social dating sites operating online dating in the UK offer their members little or no advice when it comes to the subject of 'where do we meet?' However, here at Woomate Safe dating and fun dating is a top priority of ours for members when using our online dating service. We have some pointers for you to consider, which we hope will help you with your social dating experience, when venturing offline...


Where to Go on the First Date...

This always poses a bit of a problem for most people when using an online dating service. The rule is to 'keep it short and sweet'; don't suggest a first date that will take up too much time. You don't want to be stuck with someone you don't like for over a couple of hours. More importantly, if you do get on well you want to leave them feeling that they want more. Try to avoid taking your date to the cinema or theatre, as these venues provide very little social interaction and they defeat the purpose of 'social dating'.

The best place for a first date after meeting through an online dating site, is a bar or coffee shop in the early evening. Wednesday is a good day as it's a break in the week and if you do get on you can suggest that you meet again on Saturday. That way you don't have to wait too long before your second date.

Most women like a man who knows what he's doing and takes charge, especially if they are meeting a man through an online social dating service. So guys you must choose the place you're going to meet. Always try and come across as decisive and confident.

The man should always get there first, it may sound old fashioned, but you don't want her thinking that you've stood her up. When you do see your date, give them a big smile. Don't shake hands; this is a date not a business meeting. Say hello and touch them gently on their upper arm with the palm of your hand and give her two kisses, one on each cheek. Although you have met through an online social dating site, you are both seeking love and interested in one another, so don't be afraid to show just that!

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What to Talk About on the First Date

This is actually not as difficult as you might imagine. You already know quite a bit about them from their profile, which you would have read at least a few times when you were chatting via Woomate - the online dating service. There's nothing worse than not being able to remember what sort of music they like. It will also give you some idea of the things that you'd like to know more about. We know it sounds silly, but make a list of the questions you could ask when the conversation dries up. (Just don't look at your list when you're with your date!).

It's always best to talk about the things that interest them and not the ones that interest you. You must listen to what they tell you and follow their line of conversation. Generally when you meet someone for the first time they're happy to talk about five things: whereabouts they live; their interests (such as music, films and what they do in their spare time); holidays; their job and what's going on in the world (the weather, the place you're in, etc).

You'll need to tell them a bit about yourself, but don't brag or make them feel inferior. And even though you're probably a bit nervous, try and talk slowly and look at their face. And when they're talking to you look at their eyes, down to their mouth and back to their eyes. This is called the flirting triangle. Don't look around the room as though you are bored.

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How To Give Them A Compliment

One of the best ways to show that you like someone is to give your date a compliment. This is something that you like or appreciate about their behaviour, appearance or belongings. Such as:

Behaviour – "That was a great choice wine."

Appearance – "You look really good in that T shirt."

Belongings – "I love your earnings."

When you're on the first date you should always give them a compliment as soon as you can. Even something simple like, "you look really great", or, "you look much better than your photo," when you first meet them. You can also enhance your compliment by adding something specific and by using their name. Such as; "Edward, you look great in that T shirt, the colour really suits you."

Most people find it difficult to accept compliments. Either because it makes them embarrassed, or they just can't think of anything to say in return. The best response is just to say, "Thank you". And if you want to, you could tell them what you feel about their compliment; however, don't forget that the person you are about to meet is just as nervous as you are. You have both met through an online dating service; therefore, you already have one thing in common!

Online social dating is fast becoming the best way to find dating in the UK is becoming more widely acceptable. 1 in every 5 new relationships in the UK came from an online dating site, and you could be the next 1 in 5! So good luck!

Disclaimer; Woomate operates Internet dating in London and in the UK. The above advice has been offered as guidance and should not be relied upon solely for securing a relationship. Woomate is the only dating service UK that offers members a facility to arrange dates with approved venue partners; however, Woomate does not enforce a member to use an approved venue; therefore, we ask that you investigate any venue being proposed to you by another member, which is not listed as one of our partner venues. This is for your own security.

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